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Our project has truly taken a village. I'm so proud of what we have accomplished thus far and it has exceeded any expectations I ever had. The parents of the Preschool and community helped to raise the funds we needed for plants, materials, shells / rocks and Fairy Garden decorations by way of our Fall Festival and visits with Mrs. Claus and her Elves. With the help and guidance of Gail Martinez , Fish and Wildlife Biologist with Georgia Ecological Services, we put together a blue print of a perfect habitat for pollinators! Gail has put in so many hours helping me to form pathways , move 6 tons of shell and rock and teach me and Preschool about the outdoors and loving nature! Scott and Donna Thompson of Thompson's Garden in Statesboro provided native plants for our garden. I met with Scott in early January to show him the area we had to work with and he was able to sketch out an area based on the blueprint of what Gail and I had come up with. He sent me a drawing of his ideas and placements of plants that would work in our space and it made me feel like it was going to be a truly beautiful space! Scott advised us on how to kill the weeds, how to till up the dirt and when the best time to plant. After our meeting we had a solid time frame for when this area needed to be prepped for planting! We started the preparation and tilling in early February and February 20th Scott and Donna made the trip with a trailer loaded with plants and trees! It was so incredible to see Scott and Donna place the plants based on where existing trees are placed, fence lines, buildings and the wood lines. I felt like I was watching an artist paint on a blank canvas! This week our Preschool unit was " Bugs" and our school ordered caterpillars one month ago. Each classroom had the opportunity to watch the amazing transformation and miracle of metamorphosis from caterpillars to beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies! The kids named the caterpillars, fed them and had the chance to watch them hatch from their chrysalides! There is nothing more special then to have 2 and 3 year old children come up to me and say " The butterflies came out of the Chrysalides!" The children had the opportunity to set their beautiful butterflies free in our new Butterfly Garden and for our school it is a full circle moment! Our new space will be used for outdoor classroom education, Eagle scouts and boy scouts ceremonies and projects, this area can be rented for weddings and parties as well as church services and chapel time. We have so much more to do in this space but we are certainly off to a fantastic start and I couldn't be more proud! Photos by Evelyn Fallon
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