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Cycling for fun filled fitness – 4 ways to keep it

Fresh mornings or bustling evenings – who doesn’t like the breeze gushing against their face? For the urbane among us, this may sound like a luxury or even a far- fetched dream but it is not.
Exercising is vital for a healthy body and mind. While each one of us has unique requirements, keeping up the exercise is what takes the paramount importance. Given a busy daily schedule, exercising might take a back seat ...

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Encouraging Sports to Children

These days children are switching towards virtual forms of play and the sensation of going outdoors and enjoying is now, sadly, going away. We think this is mainly due to play becoming boring and losing the sense of competition which it once had. And competition is exactly what children require keeping them motivated through and through. So how can you combine the entertainment of playing with a sense of competition? The answer: through sports.

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6 Feb at 1400 is National signing: will take place for multiple RHHS Football players in the Link at RHHS.
Right now there's approx 6 signing to play college ball. This will be a great lead into Spring ball for the Cats. Congrats men and we thank you for all you've done for the program and all you've accomplished individually...
Go Cats

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Keep the Coach

Not sure if anyone noticed the article written in the Bryan County news about a month ago about Coastal Georgia coaching salaries. In the article it was written that Coach Guy, the head coach at RHHS was one of the lowest paid coaches in the coastal region. This is a travesty given what he has been able to do with this program in only three seasons. Turning the team into a winning program from a ...

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A fine start to the 2012 compaign. After watching tape footage of the game on te 14th the men showed just how much discipline they have. Savannah High played an extremely dirty game from the beginning to the end. From late hits on the QB 15 yrds off the ball and out of the play to punnched being thrown and landed on the QB and to others in the pile to flagrant horse collar tackles ...

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