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Bryan Millage Rate on the Rise

Two of our commissioners took a stand on the issue of a millage rate increase of 1.50 mills at the time when we can least afford it. Three from the south end of the county caved in and did not fulfill a campaign promise of "no new taxes!" They believe that they did the right thing for the citizens of this county, regardless of the current state of the overall economy. Like most politicians they ...

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Georgia Offshore Waters

For a second year black sea bass were closed to all anglers by NOAA/SAFMC. This past season the closure was made on September 4, 2012 from Cape Hatteras Light, North Carolina, to Key West, Florida, in accordance with a bulletin of NOAA dated August 24, 2012. The stated purpose of that closure was that the ACL or Annual Catch Limit for that area had been met or exceeded. Said quota is 309,000 pounds for commercial ...

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Smoke screen of a cliff (Staff Blog)

What if our "leaders" in Washington are actually just setting us up to go over the "fiscal cliff?"
Both sides say they believe the deficit has to be cut. They paint dire pictures of economic chaos if country plummets over the increased-revenue and cut-spending cliff. So they continue to negotiate.
But, what if, those negotiations are simply something they'll point to after we're laying at the bottom of the precipice to say "We ...

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Where's Europe (Staff Blog)

Did the presidential candidates even mention Europe in their "foreign policy" debate Monday night?
It seems national politicians have always paid little notice of some areas; Africa, South America, Australia. But I can't ever remember Europe being ignored.
You'd think the president would at least try to compare our economy and how it has fared over the past four years with Europe's. From a South Georgia perspective that would bolster his argument for ...

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VERY IMPORTANT!! ATTENTION ALL PATRIOTS!! Here is a VERY IMPORTANT piece written by Dinesh D'Souza, the creator of '2016: Obama's America.' THIS IS A MUST READ & "SHARE"!!:
Will Obama succeed in creating a United States of Islam in the Mid
dle East? By Dinesh D'Souza. Published September 21, 2012. FoxNews.com
Something very big is going on in the Middle East. This is not about an inflammatory film or a ...

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