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India straighten out its relations with Swaziland

On 10 April 2018 , Indian President His Excellency, Ramnath Kovid is in Swaziland where he had a meeting with the King of Swaziland where an agreement was signed pertaining to visa exemption for holders of diplomatic and official passports and an MoU was also signed on cooperation in the field of health and medicine.

President Kovid received with warm hearted by Swaziland Prime Minister Barnabas Sibusisu Dlamini who was accompanied by ...

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Will a Return to Paper Reduce Voter Fraud

With Russian hackers constantly in the news for trying to influence US midterm elections, some states are powering up their digital defense. Other states, like Georgia, are headed in the opposite direction.

Among these backwards-looking defense mechanisms? Paper.

Politico reports that Georgia officials are considering replacing the touch-screen voting system with paper altogether.

“I’ve always been in favor of paper ballots, even when it was fashionable ...

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Wake up Bryan County!!!

In the past few weeks I have been witness to another mass exodus of teachers and administrators from our cherished public school system. I am appalled at our superintendent's inability to retain these talented individuals, which begs the following questions....Does our superintendent, Paul Brooksher, not appreciate what these individuals have brought to our children's education over the past 20+ years? Are these faculty members so fed up with his laissez-faire attitude towards discipline and academic ...

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Goodbye to Quality Schools

When my wife and I moved to the Savannah area 15 years ago we chose to move to Richmond Hill for one reason only... the quality of the school system. Every realtor we spoke to steered us to south Bryan County. "Do you really want to live in Savannah and pay for private school?". Our collective response was NO!!! We have 1 child who has graduated from the Bryan County school system and 2 who ...

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Bogus Graduates at RHHS?????

What is this I hear that students who have not reached the proper accreditation were allowed to walk in Richmond Hill's graduation ceremony? What about my senior who worked his tail off to earn his diploma and then Ms McNeal let's those who failed walk too? Do we not hold our students accountable anymore? Are we choosing to let our children move forward in life when they haven't accomplished the prerequisite goals the state and ...

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