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Waste of SPLOST

Why are we spending $325,000 on city beautification project at the intersection Ford ave Hwy 17. When we need traffic lights at Publix shopping center. The widening of Hwy 144

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What Are The Considerations In Choosing A Caravan

Buying a caravan is something that you must do carefully because it is a big investment and this is a long term investment as well. For this, you need to first make a selection of the right kind of caravan manufacturer. There are many caravan manufacturers in the market now. You can either buy a caravan that is manufactured by a company or you could just get a customized one for you and your family. ...

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Amazing Health Benefits of Herbsjoy Product

Panch Tulsi Drop is basically made from the extracts of Tulsi plant. Tulsi is also known as holy basil. Various elements of the plant are used for making this health tonic. The health drink is made from 5 different types of Tulsi leaves. It has been said that two drops of Tulsi Amrit are made from as much as 500 leaves of Tulsi. It is said that one can instantly feel the effects after using ...

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Why is Tattoo Removal important for us?

A cool tattoo that makes an impression and tells a lot about our likes, preferences and even our past is good, but there are a number of reasons because of which you should start looking for ways in which you can get rid of the tattoos.

Check out our thoughts in the point form below.

1. It is a constant reminder of something or someone

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What Does the Word “Obesity” Truly Mean?

We all have heard the term obesity a lot specially on different television channels. Weight loss industry has become a million dollar industry these days but what’s shocking and somewhat surprising is that most of us are not fully aware of this term. Well, this article id for all those people. Obesity is a medical term used to define a person that has a higher weight than they are supposed to. Obesity can be calculated ...

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