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Losing your existing customers? Read this

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Customers are the lifeblood of every B2C business. No matter how much efforts you put in, if the customers will not buy it, your business will not thrive. Hence, it is necessary for you to take care of your customer base. Even when everything is going well, there comes a time when the existing customers start switching to some other similar brand. In such a scenario, there are high chances that the same is happening because of bad customer service.

It is very essential for you to retain your existing customers and the only way to ensure that is providing them with excellent help desk services in India or abroad. So, if you are managing the same in-house or have outsourced to some vendor and still you are losing existing customers, it’s time to change. Change your vendor or opt for outsourcing, understand that it isn’t working for you at all.

Nevertheless, to ease the process we have mentioned smart ways to improve the customer experience. The help desk services provider should work with you on the following parameters to improve the customer experience. Take a look.

• Make teams of agents-

You should make teams of agents. It will make it easy for you and them to focus on certain traits and work towards accomplishing specific goals. It will lead to better customer experience as the overall performance of the agents will improve drastically. When you will teach different tactics to different teams, the results will be amazing.

• Customer experiences matter-

We know it is not that easy to please customers. The point that we are trying to make here is that you should access the agents according to the customer experience they are delivering. Quick Help desk services in India are known for providing great support. So, appreciate the agents who are delivering great results and help the ones who are not able to provide as good customer experience as their peers. This will help in improving the customer retention level of the company.

• Help them in integrating the coaching tips-

This point is for the new help desk agents. Many have a habit of following the obsolete pattern of handling calls. So, try to encourage them after the training session to implement the tricks and tips told to them while on call. Help them in doing so and let them know that the call will be monitored. Moreover, telling them how their performance will help the company in retaining customers and improving the brand image of the company will also help in boosting their morale.

• Give agents the powers along with responsibilities-

Agents, especially those experienced should be given certain powers along with responsibilities. There should always be a balance in both of them. Help desk services in India resort to this trick often. So, you should allow the agents to go off-script and do what they feel is the best in a certain situation instead of following a certain protocol. This can even improve first call resolutions. Improved FCR means improved customer experience and thus better customer retention.

• Share the best examples-

Help desk services in India usually monitor and record calls to keep a check on the performance of the agents and help them improve. So, the call centers should use the best recordings to explain the new agents their point better. These recordings will also motivate the agents to devise better ways to handle a particular problem. Also, let them hear the recording that helps them in understanding the ways to upsell and cross-sell. Apart from this, you can also make them hear the worst ones so that they know what exactly they should not be doing.

• Let some employees monitor calls-

Some employees who are at senior positions should be allotted time slots to monitor calls. This will help your company in getting a better idea of what should be done to improve customer experience and what should not be done. The managers can make changes to the training sessions accordingly. This can also help in getting a fair idea of what every agent is best at. Different agents will have different qualities and they can be made to tackle the callers by making the best use of their skills and traits.

The aforementioned points, if implemented properly can make you retain a lot many disgruntled customers. Your call center will become more productive and will make the company grow. Unparalleled customer services will allow you to have an edge over your competitors as well.

So, choose a call center that agrees for implementing these or already follows the mentioned points and notice the change.

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