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Why Analytics in Human Resource Managemet Process?

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Big long-term bets are being placed on predictions (yes predictions!) by data scientists and big data professionals who leverage Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Science. The data science impact has been humongous, riding on the wave of sweeping digitization and new roles and avenues are showering.

Data is just not Inescapable!!!

Not just inescapable, it’s also interesting. Not just the data science industry but also the human resource management process and efficacy of human capital strategy. How about:

• Firefox and Chrome users are better employees

• Proper capitalization in bank forms indicates your creditworthiness

• Liking curly fries is related to intelligence

• Higher the status, less the politeness

All of these details have been enunciated from data gathered from different sources.

These days, revolutions happen in days. With the booming scale of smartphone users and burgeoning speed of peoples’ expectations, revolutions are just around the corner.

What changes, is the speed of this revolution. Earlier it took centuries for a revolution to happen.

Renaissance in the 14th century.

The industrial revolution in the 19th century.

Internet revolution in the 20th century.

More so for people who have their career underpinnings in the human resource management process. Here are the most potent analytics to be used for a great human capital strategy:

• Capability Analytics: It’s essential for a company to have foolproof talent recruitment and human capital strategy. Long before going to an interview-room, one needs to be in the boardroom deciding which capabilities, skills, and talent are required to lay a strong foundation for the company in the future. Inadequacies and gaps have to be plugged with the help of candidates who have the desired skills.

• Employee Churn Analytics: After you are done with the hiring process and onboarding, you’re required to retain them and check for the reasons of top performers leaving, if that is the case. Also, you might study what keeps employees happy. You have to also ascertain and understand if the employees are staying with your company, what makes them stay. Study statistics and analyze employee engagement level, employee satisfaction index, and staff advocacy score.

• Corporate Culture Analytics: To keep a finger at the culture throb is difficult. Whatever unspoken collective remains at a workplace- the rules, behavior patterns, and systems. There might be more than one cultures at a workplace and that is the job of analytics to remove the existence of multi-cultures at a place and to bring them under one umbrella. You must always try to remove the reasons for festering of toxic relationships.

• Employee Performance Analytics: Without continuous training and development, there can be no reasons for organizational improvement and operation optimization.

Employees have to be analyzed for their kind of work, skills learned, and performance annually, half-yearly, or quarterly. Those who are top performers have to be given a different kind of training and those who are below-par in performance need a different development initiative.

With new paradigms of predictive analytics, the HR paradigms mustn’t be outdated.

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