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Benefits of Learning Big Data Analytics

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The benefits of Big Data Analytics are being experienced across multiple industries today. The insights that you are able to get with the help of Big Data Analytics is highly useful in knowing the in-depth details of your business and making decisions that are much more informed and calculated than before.

For example, retail chains have benefitted a lot from Big Data Analytics as now they are able to predict the buying patterns of the customers and also deliver tailor-made schemes. Similarly, if we talk about industries like banking and finance, they have experienced some major profits with the help of Big Data Analytics. It has become quite convenient for them to manage assets and investments, predict prices of stocks and bonds as well as manage customer risk probabilities.

Why learn Big Data & Analytics?

Big Data has made its way to various other industries such as healthcare, Aviation, Power, sports, telecom and so on. So, professionals have started to work with Big Data on a daily basis which is not easy as the data that they receive is not always organized.

It is mostly unstructured or semi-structured data that professionals have to deal with and that’s the reason why many of them go for relevant Big Data Analytics certifications. By doing so, they are able to learn the latest skills and knowledge of their industry and becomes more comfortable in working with Big Data.

There is a steep increase in the number of professionals enrolling themselves in Big Data and analytics certification courses. And that’s because lucrative industries like Retail Trading and Manufacturing, finance & insurance, information technology are recruiting Big Data managers and Big Data analyst on a very large scale.

It is quite astonishing to know that the average salary fetched by a Big Data analyst is almost $125,000. Moreover, big companies like IBM, Oracle, EMC, and Cisco are alone responsible for posting approximately thirty-eight thousand positions open for professionals who are well versed in Big Data Analytics. This shows that Big Data Analytics has opened lots of opportunities for technical professionals who wish to make a successful career in this field.

Other incentives for gaining knowledge in Big data & Analytics are:

• With Big Data Analytics you can produce insights relating to customer behavior.

• Inherit the ability to apply commodity hardware.

• Reduce your costs of software as well as data warehousing.

• Experience fast-paced development cycle along with low latency applications.

Subjects associated with Big Data Analytics

If you are planning to join a Big Data and Analytics certification course, we have created a list of critical subjects that you should know about. Most of the certification courses in the market relating to Big Data & Analytics are constructed by seeking help from popular analytics organizations.

For an aspiring Big Data Analyst, it is essential to have some knowledge relating to

• How to come up with a realistic Big Data issue

• How to download as well as configure Big Data

• How to resolve the Big Data issue

• How to perform visualization as well as analytics of the Big Data solution

These are the topic around which live training revolve while you are pursuing a big data & analytics certification program. Moreover, some institute also provides you with a self-paced learning experience along with hands-on practice.

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