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Tips to choose a good gynaecologist

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As far as the choice of the best gynaecologists in India is concerned, you are literally spoiled in terms of choices. As far as the choice of one is concerned, due to insurance in place a woman has to be careful in the choice of one. There are numerous points to consider such as speciality, location coupled with the fact on whether there is any opening for a new patient or not. Now let us understand the process pertaining to choice of a gynaecologist


There are various specialities as far as the profession of gynaecology is concerned. For example, if a patient finds it difficult to conceive, then you would obviously want a doctor who is well versed with the same. If any of your relatives has cancer you would need to be well versed with a doctor who has experience in oncology. If you are thinking of becoming pregnant then you would want a doctor who specialises in the domain of obstetrics.
If you are not planning to have additional children then you might be better off in choosing a gynaecologist whose practice is limited. The reason being that you would need to compete for time slots as far as delivering babies are concerned.


You would need to cross check the fact that insurance is being accepted by a relevant provider. Ideally you would like to be surprised with a big fat bill which is thrown at you by your service provider


If you are keen on alternative form of medicines and treatment then do discuss with your doctor about the same. A first round of consultation would provide more light on things


In case of some patients they are more comfortable with a female doctor than a male. The reason being women are more considerate to the problems as they have faced similar situations in the past. The key is to figure out the preferences and then go on to choose a gynaecologist accordingly.


The gynaecologist should not be far from your place. Ideally you should be able to meet them during the time you are heading to the place of work. In the final stages of labour it is a cause of concern if the patient needs to be transferred if the hospital is situated at a far off place.

Office staff

When you call up their office you do get an idea about their first impression. If the staffs are rude, then how can you expect that you will be serviced better? It is high time that you move towards the next doctor.


The trend is that most gynaecologists are no longer accepting patients. It would be prudent on your part to call them and fix an appointment before you visit them


Let us get things right. In fact you are going to discuss some of your personal details as far as your health is concerned. The person should be someone with whom you are comfortable in opening up.

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