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A Beginner's Guide To Applying For A Visa

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Before we begin, I need you to know that I am not a stranger to visa applications. Moreover, I am fully aware of the struggle involved in applying for a visa because I was born in a third-world country using a third-world passport. Naturally, procedures and interviews for people like me would be rigorous; but despite all the horror stories you may have seen, read or heard, obtaining a visa is completely possible! I am proof of this!

Without any guarantee, what can I offer you in this article? In this article I will provide you with some top tips on how to increase your chances of being approved during a visa application procedure.

The way I see it, making an application for a visa is similar to dating - you put all you have out on display placing your "best foot forward" and hope that the end result will be a resounding yes from the other party. In this particular situation, I will be your supportive and proficient best friend to guide you through the ordeal.

From the different experiences I have had, and all other lessons I have learned from friends, here are the top four things that embassies and consulates will pay close attention to! For each of the sections, I have provided corresponding steps or workarounds that have worked well in my favor.

1. Completing Visa Documentation

• Accomplishing The Requirements

While this may seem obvious, many people feel that skipping a few documents when completing visa applications is fine - it is not! You cannot expect any embassy officers to be willing to wait for your submission to be fully completed, it is always best to submit the ALL the documentation at once.

Top tip: Be sure that your passport is not expiring anytime soon. Furthermore, submission of documentation in an organized manner will make a good impression. It helps to use a checklist in order to provide the embassy with a brief overview of all the documentation you have prepared in the visa application; however, this may be one of the basic requirements in many cases.

• Minding The Details

Certain embassies or consulates will not require an interview as they rely on the documentation submitted as part of the visa application according to Immigration Solutions . Given this procedure, the embassies will place specific instructions on the application and it is essential that you take note of these instructions. For example, they will require you to use a certain type of envelope or have you staple your photograph to the application form instead of pasting it. The steps may seem ridiculous, tedious or tiresome; however, it is recommended that you follow the instructions and do not "slack off". Make it a point to read all the guidelines well and take note of all the details available on the embassy's website.

• Submit Only Authentic Documentation

It is essential that you submit only authentic documentation as part of your visa application. Do not even attempt to submit fake or "doctored" documents as this is illegal and there is a chance you will not only be denied if caught, but that you will be banned from the country.

• Provide As Much Evidence As Possible

A single item of proof is fine, but if you are able to offer more evidence then you should do so! By offering as much evidence as possible you will provide the embassy with more assurance of the documentation's authenticity or genuineness. In fact, over-delivering can be beneficial as long as the items you are submitting are relevant to the issue. It is also recommended that you provide original documents to the embassy.

• Showing You Are Well-Traveled

You can demonstrate your traveling habits via travel tickets, bookings, or using your passport stamps. Even if this is not a visa application requirement, by offering this information you will show the embassy that you are well-traveled and will always return to the country. Furthermore, you can show that you have not overstayed abroad.

2. The Interview

An interview can influence the documentation you are submitting; however, if you are submitting authentic papers then there is no need for you to be concerned regarding the interview as the questions are always basic. Typical questions for a visa application include the purpose of the visit, how long you intend to stay, and similar items. It should be noted that the visa officer may be more thorough dependent on the answers.

It is essential that you are honest and accurate when applying for a visa. Answer the question as precisely as possible and do not launch into a full-blown storytelling situation. It is not necessary for you to provide information that is not being requested.

It is also recommended that you wear a presentable outfit to the interview, but there is no need to be too formal. Arrive early, speak in English, and be confident in the situation.

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