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Want to Give Up Smoking? Here’s how! Many people

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Want to Give Up Smoking? Here’s how!

Many people know that cigarette smoking a major preventable cause of disease and premature death. Smoking causes heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and stroke. For this reason, many people are eagerly looking to stop. Despite the involved health risks, one in 5 American adults will still smoke regularly. The key reason for this is that nicotine is very addictive and changing the habit is difficult. Nonetheless, there’s help at hand.

Research has shown that using the right approach can help break the unhealthy routine, and possibly kick out the habit once and for all. The following are the most effective methods used to stop smoking and stay that way:

1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Most people find it easier to replace the nicotine in their system using replacement therapies like patches and gums. The nicotine in cigarettes is addictive. That’s why people experience a number of unpleasant withdrawal systems whenever they try to quit. NRTs offer a low supply of nicotine minus the other poisonous chemicals contained in tobacco smoke.

This helps to relieve some of the symptoms of withdrawal such as nausea, intense cravings, insomnia, the tingling of feet and hands, difficulty concentrating, and mood swings. The NRTs are available as:

• Patches

• Gums

• Sprays

• Lozenges

• Inhalers

Patches can be purchased in a pharmacy without the need for a prescription. They ideally act by releasing nicotine into the blood stream slowly through the skin. In about 8 to 12 weeks, the amount of nicotine the body is exposed to will be gradually reduced by switching to the lower dose patches until they aren’t required altogether. Some people opt to wear the patches all the time for a steady supply of nicotine over 24 hours. Others choose to remove the patches at night. Discuss with your doctor to determine the option that’s right for you.

Gum, inhalers, sprays, and lozenges all work much quicker, but their effects only last for a short duration. Therefore, these fast-acting products are often recommended only for relieving intense cravings, while a patch is recommended for providing a daily dose of nicotine. Evidence shows that working with a combination of NRTs can improve the chances of success significantly, compared to only using a single product.

2. Varenicline

Also known as Champix, Varencline works by triggering the release of dopamine by the brain. Dopamine is a chemical messenger that plays an important role regulating the rewards and pleasure centers of the brain. Smoking ideally raises the levels of dopamine in the body artificially. So, when a smoker quits, they might experience anxiety and depression until the natural dopamine levels are restored.

Varenicline essentially works by counteracting these low dopamine levels and thereby lessening the symptoms produced as a result of nicotine withdrawal. It also blocks the rather satisfying effects of nicotine in case the person gives in and smokes. As such, it’s useful in reducing the reinforcing effects of nicotine.

3. Bupropion

Bupropion (zyban) is ideally an anti-depressant that has been found to help people stop smoking. Just like varenicline, it regulates the dopamine shortfall experienced with nicotine withdrawal, meaning it can help reduce the difficulty concentrating and irritability associated with quitting smoking.

It may also be very useful for people concerned of potentially gaining some weight while they quit smoking, since it’s been shown to decrease appetite as well as the tendency to over eat while quitting.

4. E-cigarettes

This is an electronic device that provides an inhalation mechanism of nicotine in form of a vapor that doesn’t contain the harmful by-products of tobacco such as carbon monoxide and tar. New research suggests that e-cigarettes can help a person quit smoking because they can gradually lower the amount of nicotine they smoke via products such as cran apple ejuice , just as they would with NRTs. However, there’s still some controversy surrounding the approach to smoking cessation.

5. Allen Carr’s Easyway

Allen Carr's Easyway has helped many people to successfully quit smoking. It’s actually the world’s bestselling book on how to quit smoking. The concept behind it is helping smokers understand the various misconceptions about why they smoke, and helping them to address any fears that make them keep on smoking. A study showed that smokers who followed Allen Carr's Easyway method were 6 times more likely to not have smoked within 13 months compared to those who went cold turkey.

6. Lobelia

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Indian tobacco (lobelia) can help people quit smoking. The active ingredient in the lobelia plant, lobeline, is thought to work by binding itself to the same receptor sites as nicotine does in the brain, leading to a release of dopamine, and therefore alleviating the cravings and mood swings that occur when a person stops smoking.

Lobelia can also be effective in clearing the excess mucus in the respiratory tracts, including the lungs, throat, and bronchial tubes that many smokers experience as they quit. Nonetheless, more research is required to say for sure if the above information is accurate.

7. Vitamin C & B

According to a number of studies, smokers commonly have considerably lower levels of vitamins B and C in circulation in comparison to non-smokers. Many smokers usually cite having stress as a trigger for intense cravings. The B vitamins are generally known as “anti-stress” vitamins, and can help in balancing the mood.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can protect the lungs from the continued oxidative stress from the cigarette smoke. Supplementing these vitamins can therefore help when quitting smoking.

8. Using an App that Tracks Habits

There are certain apps that can help to monitor and cut down on your smoking habits. Habitual smoking is triggered by certain cues. Research has shown that when a simple action is repeated consistently in certain settings, the actions is naturally activated in similar settings - such as automatically smoking when having your morning coffee.

However, it’s also possible to form healthy habits by repeating various healthy activities consistently in given contexts. There are a few online (and offline) apps that capitalize on this and work to help you keep track of your progress. They can track your cues for nicotine cravings and smoking consumption . The data is then used to plan how, where, and when to reinforce the new healthy habits to replace the old, unhealthy ones.

9. Making a List

If you are planning on quitting smoking cold turkey, you should make a list to keep you on track and to stay motivated when the times get tough. Examples of reasons to quit include:

• Saving money

• Improved overall health

• Smelling better and looking better

• Setting a good example for the kids

• Taking full control of your life and being free of addiction

When you review this list every day, particularly when going through difficult moments, you can train your mind to focus on the positive aspects of your goal, and effectively reinforce your will to quit.

10. Practicing Tai Chi

According to a study published in the Journal of Addiction and Therapy, practicing Tai Chi 3 times per week can effectively help people reduce their smoking habit or quit altogether. The added benefit is that Tai Chi helps to reduce stress and improve blood pressure. Other mind-body practices like meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi provide a drug-free alternative treatment option for anyone trying to quit.

Try some of the above ways to quit smoking today. Combining multiple therapies gives you more chances of success than using a single approach. And if relapse occurs, be sure to pinpoint the reason and try again once more. Keep in mind that most smokers try their hand a couple of times before they eventually kick the habit.

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