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A perfect office: Not luxury but a need

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There are many areas where the gen-next want to make a career. Many people prefer to go for profession while some also prefer to start the career in the field of business. The choice of one may be any field but an office or a shop in any of these cases a location whether office or shop is much required. For a professional such as an architect, an advocate, an engineer or an interior designer an office is the place that offers a different identity because of which people know him.

There are many factors that affect the decision of a professional who is looking to start the office. For a professional who is just beginning the career needs to think what sort of office he needs and what should be the budget as the client base is very limited or almost lacking. Hence a costly office can be a deadly venture for such person. Hence he needs to check the areas and factors that can help him decide the venue of the office.

• The type of office: There are primarily two types of offices in the market which are furnished and unfurnished. In the case of a furnished office, it can be little costly as the owner considers the facilities of furniture also while asking the rent. In the case of an unfurnished office, one needs to create all the facilities which also involve good cost.

• The area: The area of office makes a huge difference to the practice. Those who are sitting in the area which is known for such professionals can help one get the more clients in short time while in a remote area usually, the clients may not prefer to visit the office also.

• The size of office: The size of the office has a direct effect on the cost of the office. The bigger office proves costlier than a smaller one, and hence one needs to see if a small office will do or he needs a large one.

The concept of office space:

In the office space, one can get an office with all the facilities. The cost is low, and one just need to make timely payment. The maintenance and other all responsibilities lie with the owner. The owner remains the owner of the property, and the best part is one can vacant the office space even at short notice. If one is looking for furnished office space in Bangalore, there is hardly any area where one cannot get it.

For the people who are to venture just for a few days or active in a field of seasonal business, this can be the best option. The tenant can get the space for an office in a quality area and limited budget while the owner can fetch good revenue from the property without risking the ownership of the property. Hence is a win-win situation for both the parties which can also go for a long time.

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