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What Do You Understand By Technology?

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It is the application of scientific knowledge for a definite purpose done practically. Technology also consists of the capability and talents required to apply the knowledge. It improves the usefulness of the services and goods properly and safely. It also focuses on adding value. It can be both virtually material and non-material.

The technology consists of instruments, machines, tools and equipment, and various other devices that are made to ease human life in some of the other way. Technology can also include items such as zip, housing, clothing, and complex items like airplanes, trains, and robots, etc. The discovery of fire during the Stone Age was also a technology.

The production of light, heat, and cooking food are all the basic examples of different forms of technology. The non-material things such as software, internet, and computer, etc. are also included in the technology category. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of technology essay that can help you understand technology in details.

Advantages Of Technology

There are a number of advantages of using technology in this modern lifestyle; some of them are discussed below:

1. Increase In The Industrial Input

From the time when technology has been introduced in the methods of processing goods, there has been a huge change in the industrial output. The industrial automation processes have started doing the tasks effectively and completing them efficiently. The best use of engineering technology is done by the large industries and processing units as they use it for the production of goods on a large scale.

2. Increased Amount Of Food Output

Humans depend on food to live. With the help of technological help in the cultivation fields, humans have been able to increase the food production. With the help of the modern food and irrigation technologies, people have learned to convert the barren lands to the cultivated ones. The agriculture machine such as a tractor helps the farmers to cultivate lands and do farming.

3. Growth In Business

Technology has put a tremendously impactful remark in building the business activities lately. Activities such as manufacturing, distribution, recording, marketing, and selling, etc. have grown in the recent past because of the technology usages. Technology is being used and appreciated in almost all spheres of business activities.

The best example of how technology can benefit human life is the growth of e-commerce business. People have been curious to learn about the new ways to use computer and internet.

4. Proper Utilization Of The Resources

People have learned to utilize the natural resources in the best way with the help of modern tools and equipment. The technologies used in the irrigation field have made the farmers productively utilize water resources. The thermal power plants, hydel power plants, and the nuclear plants, etc. utilize natural resources to produce power.

5. Technology In The Healthcare Units

Technology has made its way into every aspect of life and has revolutionized the way of living in the modern lives. It has made a tremendous remark in the healthcare industries as well. The numerous diagnostic equipment and machines such as blood pressure machine, x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, etc. have made the diagnosis accurate and detected the health problems efficiently.
Disadvantages Of Technology

Although technology has made its impact in the world in quite a productive manner, however, it also has some disadvantages as well.

Some of the disadvantages of technology are listed below:

1. Production Of Unwanted Products

Technology has contributed to the extreme in making unwanted or unnecessary products that cannot be re-used, or they are degradable either.

2. Pollution

Excess of anything is bad, and the use of technology to the extreme has resulted in the increase of waste products into the environment. This has led to pollution. Discharging the waste materials or by-products into the environment diminishes the soil, water, and air quality. The emission of harmful gases from the vehicles has caused the increased levels of air pollution. Excessive use of the pesticides for farming has caused soil erosion.

3. Time Wastage In Performing Non-Productive Activities

Now days people waste time doing a lot of unproductive activities, such as investing hours in browsing the internet for nothing, playing games, and surfing videos, etc.

4. Depletion Of Natural Resource Reserves

The modern tools and equipment are quite powerful and which is why they can extract the natural resources in huge quantities. This way, the total number of natural resource reserves will get depleted faster than it was expected.

5. Depending Excessively On Technology

These days, people have become so lazy that for every other work they depend on technology. The modern gifts of technologies such as cars, computers, calculators, smartphones, household machines, etc. have made people feel helpless in their absence. Humans have adopted technology as a vital part of their life to such an extent that it is now impossible to spend a day without it.


No matter what, technology has eased human life, and it has proved successfully that it is the definite boon in the development of the world in all way possible. However, too much of anything is considered bad and using technology to the extreme is also considered fatal. It should be used with care and caution and keeping the purpose of usage in mind.

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