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Zero Brokerage: is it indeed possible?

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For the living one has to earn in any form. It can be earning from a business, job or profession. However, in some circumstances, one may not be happy with earning from a current source and hence it is necessary to have some other additional sources as well. The trading in the stock market is one of such additional source for many people. Usually, the intraday trading is preferred by such people who love to have some additional source of income. They prefer it because of less requirement of capital and limited risk. The trader in this market needs to square off the position on the same day and also calculate the profit earned in a few hours.

The transactions:

To trade and make a profit, there are several avenues in the stock market. The main segments here are cash and derivative. In the cash segment also there are two options which are known as intraday and delivery. In the derivatives segment, there are futures and options in which one can trade. However, the pattern of trading is different in each of the segments here, and hence one need to check all the aspects before going for trading in any of these segments.

The delivery based trading is one where one needs to buy the shares and hold for the duration till the expected prices of the shares are availed. Meanwhile one can earn the dividend declared by the companies. One can park these shares in his Demat account, and in case one wants to trade in intraday he can use the value of these shares also.

How to trade?

To trade in the stock market, the trader needs to have a trading account with a stockbroker or any company engaged in stock broking. He also needs to pay the brokerage amount to the broker once he starts trading. However, in these days there are also brokers who offer the trading with zero brokerage but they are limited in numbers, and one needs to check them before opening the account with any other stockbroker.

Once the account is opened, he needs to pay margin money to the service provider and on the basis of the same the service provider will allow him to trade. In the offline account, one can ask the terminal operator to place the order of buying or selling particular shares by calling him. The operator here follows the order of the client accurately. The client can also ask him to set the limits for profit booking or stopping the loss.

One can also go for the online account where the client himself can place the order for selling or buying shares. Here he needs to monitor the account himself and decide when to trade. He can also check his account and see how much balance is there. He can fund it or ask for payback if he requires. He needs to operate the account with the help of a computer or a smartphone as the case may be.

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