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Some qualities to consider in a caterer

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Catering services are called for when there is a party at home, office or some other location. They have become an indispensable part of social gatherings. Caterers arrange for everything that includes procuring raw materials, preparing them timely and according to ordered menu and then serving them to the guests. You just need to describe your requirements such as number of guests and the menu. The best catering services in naviMumbai are so experienced that you don’t even need to know the exact number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian invitees, especially if there are a large number of them.

Upcoming caterers

It is advisable to look for upcoming caterers in or around your locality. These people have a penchant to prove their worth. However, before contacting them you must have an experience of their service, especially the cooking aspect. These people can give value to your hard-earned money.

Points to remember

There are things that you should keep under your control if you want to derive value for every penny spent. While they will do the procurement of supplies, you must set terms before them. You can tell them to get the supplies from designated market places and brands.

Rate per plate

Caterers in navi Mumbai quote their rate on per plate basis. Children above 4 or 5 years are generally given separate plates. However, children eat very less. So the expenditure per plate for children is minimum for the caterer while he is getting the same rate for it. So if there are a number of children then the caterer will experience a disproportionately high profit margin. This is wastage of money for you. So if you think that there are a number of children in the party then it is better to consider one plate for two children (below 6 years) and then add some extra plates as per your idea. This way you can save some money without compromising with quality or satisfaction of the invitees.

Common dishes

If you order dishes that are mostly common in parties then you can save some money too without compromising quality. This is because good catering servicesin navi Mumbaiget multiple orders on same dates. If the dishes are common you can hope to get some discount. However, if your dishes are unique you should not hope for any discount.

Customer service

The caterers work with the clients to design a menu. Being diplomatic is necessary as sometimes you may need to persuade a client to change a dish. Good communication skills are also the need of the hour to ensure that the event is a huge success. A satisfied customer is the most common form of recommendation and there is no substitute in terms of word of mouth publicity.

Flexible and being creative

Sometimes recipes need to be adjusted to cope up with food allergies, and cooking methods need to be altered to suit the personal preferences of the customers. A creative caterer will be able to adjust in such situations and a sense of confidence will be restored in the clients.

To sum it up the business of catering does involve working with a lot of people and your negotiation skills come into the picture. In certain situations, you may also need to provide directions to the customers as well.

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