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Need For Psychometric Testing

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As part of the interview process, most of the organizations conduct a psychometric test. The test that is carried out to measure various skills including the personality traits, logical reasoning ability, abstract reasoning, verbal, and numerical skills is called a psychometric testing.

Psychometric Test Evaluation

The test format may vary from firm to firm. Few may prefer assessing all the factors, and some may look at few specific factors matching their organization goal. In general, there are three attributes of the test used to decide on the candidature before hiring. That includes the

Accuracy – Number of correct answers.

Personality – Character and personal behaviour.
Knowledge – Knowledge of the individual in the required area.

The Psychometric Testshelp to evaluate the candidate’s performance based on the three sectors. Few companies may not require one or more of the attributes, and hence the test cannot be a generalized one. It has to be customized based on the need.

Benefits of Conducting Psychometric test
The test results can help understand the employer about the candidate’s abilities, skills, and personality. The test outcomes will be accurate, and hence the organization can identify the right talent. The test is designed in such that it is not possible to hack the questions.

Interview vs. Psychometric Test

The interview can help to know the calibre of a candidate to some extent. On the other hand, the psychometric test can provide a detailed report about skill and character.

Biasing is possible during an interview as often few interviewers go with their intuition. Whereas an online test conducted does not give any room for influencing.

Candidates can avoid the anxiety in the test unlike during interview applicants feel tensed when they don’t know the answer.

The test helps an individual to put forth his/her thought. No answer is right. The assessment only analysis the result based on the comparative study and hence once can express the view freely.

Interview And Psychometric Tests

Even though psychometric test has the edge over the interview, companies cannot rule out the interview. Many companies prefer to have a psychometric test and the interview. Either company conduct psychometric test first and then interview or vice versa. Both methods have its pros and cons. First conducting test can help to filter the candidate fit right into the company culture. But, first interview can be carried out to know the skills of the applicant.

Many times, companies can compare the scores of a candidate on the test and the interview to double confirm on the quality of the candidate. This can also help the organization to know the calibre of the interviewer.

When a company selects, the candidate who has got positive feedback from the test and interview stands a better chance to get the job. The organization also can make sure that they have identified the right resource. There by business growth happens for sure, and hence employee retention also becomes easy.

Identify the goal of your firm and know what kind of test your company requires. There are many players in the market offering the psychometric test. Just ensure you work with the right partner and identify the best resource.

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