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B2B Integration for Dummies- A complete guide to B

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Business to Business Integration, popularly known as B2B Integration is the process by which companies make use of technology to initiate and maintain electronic communication between the various partners as well as within the organisation, and to manage the various aspects of the business across a network of computers between organizations or teams.

B2B is not a new concept as companies have been largely choosing to go electronic ever since the last couple of decades or so. But with advanced systems, cloud computing and expansion of business beyond geographical limits, the need for B2B integration is much higher. In fact, it is of utmost importance today, owing to not only business needs, but also external pressure from trading partners. Over the years it has gained immense popularity with all companies going electronic and it has rightly gained its place with the volley of advantages it brings to the company.


It helps a company have a clean, transparent and easy to use business model. Any small discrepancy will be easily spotted and traced back to, irrespective of how new or old it is. Chances of being duped owing to the complex nature of paperwork is almost eliminated thanks to the electronic records, processes and profiles.

It relieves the owner of a bulk of physical documents on paper and maintenance, thereby saving quite a lot on paper and other supplies, as well as on staff to maintain those.

Since it is updated, processed and maintained regularly and instantly, it saves an enormous amount of time on maintenance and management of paperwork. Often companies had to hire specialized people to do this work, thereby incurring an additional expense, which is eliminated as well.
Chances of mistakes due to human error is also minimized. Since it works real time, you can track and work on your progress accordingly, thereby ensuring a higher profit.

Kinds of B2B Integration:

Direct B2B integration

Direct B2B Integration is the process by which a company selects a software vendor like Adeptia based on its business requirements as well as use of the internal resources which are necessary to implement, process, support and manage the B2B Integration solution. Here the company itself provides the resources that might be requested by its trading partner. This model is slightly pricey owing to the upfront costs but it is cheaper in the long run and it also offers complete autonomy.

Hosted B2B Integration

Hosted B2B Integration is the model of integration in which a company hires a third-party provider to supply the resources to take care of the requests and demands that a trading client makes. Since the resources are provided by a third party, the company does not have to buy them, paying as and when needed. It is extremely viable if one does not have a substantial capital to invest upfront, but on the flip side, the company does not have control over the processes. Hosted Integration Suite (AIS) is the most versatile and comprehensive integration software platform on the market. A bold claim, but we can back it up.

Hybrid B2B Integration

In hybrid B2B integration a company chooses certain projects to work on as direct B2B integration, in which it supplies its own resources from in house software, while the other cases are outsourced to a third party who supplies the resources necessary to fulfill the client demands. This gives the company a certain degree of control over its B2B integration and yet there is no excess pressure to buy more resources. Planned well, it can be executed on optimal expenditure, offering a certain degree of autonomy as well.

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