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What Are Aptitude Tests?

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Ability and aptitude tests are created to evaluate thinking power, intelligence and reasoning. Typically, they are in the form of multiple choice questions, administrated strictly like an exam. They are subject to strict timing like 30 questions in 30 minutes.

They are valuable tools for hiring and recruiting employees. The test results of candidates are compared to those of a control group, so that their abilities can be judged. The tests may be given online or on paper. The benefits of online testing are the quick availability of results and the possibility of taking the test at any venue. Online aptitude tests can be also used to screen candidates in a cost-effective manner.

Ability and aptitude tests may be classified as power tests or speed tests. In speed tests, accuracy in answers and time management are critical. Speed tests are used usually to select clerical and administrative staff. A power test presents a smaller number of complex questions. They are used more at the managerial and professional level.

A typical aptitude test consists of following components:

• Verbal ability: It consistsof grammar, spelling, and the capability to understand analogies and follow detailed instructions. Such questions of aptitude verbal test appear in most aptitude tests as employers generally want to know about the candidate’s prowess for communication.

• Numerical ability: This includes number sequences, basic arithmetic as well as simple math. For tests at management levels, candidates will be handed with graphs and charts for interpretation. These questions appear in most aptitude tests because employers are keen to know about ability of candidates to deal with numbers, even if it is not part of their job.

• Abstract reasoning: It measures ability of candidate to recognize underlying logic or a pattern of a problem and then to arrive at the right solution. Ability for abstract reasoning is regarded as best measure of fluid intelligence as well as ability to learn new things fast and is hence a valuable component of aptitude tests.

• Spatial ability: It measures ability of candidate to manipulate shapes in 2 dimensions and to visualize 3-dimension objects, presented in 2-dimensional pictures. This is an optional component in aptitudes tests and used mostly when job demands spatial skills.

• Mechanical reasoning: These are designed to evaluate the knowledge of the candidate of mechanical and physical principles. Such reasoning questions are used to recruit candidates for an extensive range of jobs including, fire services, police forces, military and many engineering and technical occupations.

• Fault diagnosis: This component of aptitude test is used to choose technical personnel who are required to identify and repair faults in mechanical and electronic systems. Today, all types of modern equipment have become more dependent on electronic control systems.Hence a logical approach to problems to find cause of faults or problems is vital.

• Data checking: It is a measure of how accurately and quickly, errors in data can be identified. This is a good test for data entry and clerical jobs.

• Work sample: It is provision of a sample of the actual job. Such tests have a wide range. In case of administrative jobs, tests may involve spread sheets or word processor. In case of managerial levels, work sample may consist of in-tray exercises or presentations.

These are all components of aptitude tests.

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