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Eat fruits to have a good health

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People live very busy and hectic lives these days. They do not even have a proper diet to follow and lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. They eat oily foods and street snacks on a regular basis and as a result of these eating habits; they turn obese and face a lot of physical problems.

To avoid these health hazards, one has to maintain a proper diet chart and eat healthy foods. The other thing is, one has to eat a fresh fruit everyday to keep them fit. Every dietician suggests or recommends having a fruit every day. So, one has to keep their fruit baskets filled up at home. Seasonal fruits can be one’s favourite pick as they keep on changing. Each and every fruit has their own sets of benefits.

During summer and monsoon time, Pomegranate is a fruit which is available in abundance. This fruit has plenty of anti-inflammatory components which are able to prevent a lot of diseases which are completely unwanted. Acute inflammation can cause some critical diseases like heart problems, Alzheimer’s and diabetes related problems. These are easily taken care of by those anti-inflammatory materials present in pomegranates. This fruit also reduces the breast and colon cancer and the radical cell properties. It is also a good idea to consume a glass of pomegranate juice on an everyday basis. This fruit can easily lower the risk of high blood pressure in a human body. It helps in keeping the blood pressure level normal and preventing many other untimely diseases. Hypertension can lead to sudden cardiac arrests if blood pressure level becomes high in a human body.

That is why; one has to keep them in control. For that, one needs to consume a glass of pomegranate juice at least twice a week. Pomegranate is a fruit which is a good one tohelp in fighting prostate cancer. This is one of the most common types of cancer diseases among men. There have been many researches that have come to the conclusion that pomegranates can easily slow down the growth of cancer cells. It also helps in killing the cancer cells as well. That is why; it can easily lower the risk of cancer disease.

Papaya, on the other hand, is a fruit which is available almost throughout the year. This fruit is very rich in fibre and it has absolutely less cholesterol. It is said that if one is expecting a child, then they should have ripe papaya in their regular diet as it is full of dietary fibres. Ripe papayas have rich Vitamin C content. It triggers the immune booster. Papaya in a regular diet also helps in reducing the inflammation in a body. Fresh papaya contains good amount of potassium and calcium. It is an important component which keeps cell and body fluid normal. It controls heart rate and blood pressure in a human body.

Basket of fruit should contain a mixture of seasonal and regular fruits. One has to eat a fruit on a daily basis to maintain good health.

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