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When to consult a retina specialist in Dubai?

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The comprehensive practice of ophthalmology covers a wide variety of pathologies and complex problems. Retina specialists in Dubai are recognized for their ability to diagnose issues, suggest treatment and perform in-depth clinical examinations on the patient. Listed below are some common conditions and their diagnoses, best managed by a retina expert.
Retinal tear or Rhegmatogenous detachment
Optical anomalies such as highly myopic eyes with matrix deterioration, irregular setting of acute posterior vitreous detachment or trauma, leads to retinal tears. In this situation, liquefied vitreous is exposed to the sub-retinal space that further leads to Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.
If a retinal tear or break is imminent, based on a medical history of photopsias/floaters, and a detailed peripheral examination performed with scleral depression discloses one or more breaks, documenting or marking the location is important.
Laser retinopexy is usually recommended, depending on symptoms and the symmetry of the break. If diagnosis of Rhegmatogenous is positive, a retina specialist in Dubai is likely to schedule a surgical procedure.
Intraocular foreign body
Symptoms of intraocular foreign body must be carefully evaluated in patients who previously sustained penetrating globe trauma. There are several models used to assess posterior segment intraocular foreign body, also termed as B-Scan ultrasound, lateral and frontal skull plain films and non-contrast boosted orbital CT scan.
Foreign bodies can be organic, glass or metallic in nature and if an intraocular foreign body is suspected, urgent removal would be undertaken by your retinal specialist. Pars-plana vitrectomy allows careful removal of the foreign body assisted by forceps extraction or rare earth magnet, but that depends on whether or not the material is ferromagnetic.
Post-traumatic, post-operative or endogenous infectious endophthalmitis
Urgent referral to a https://www.moorfields.ae/dubai/retina/"> retina specialist in Dubai is crucial in the case of a positive diagnosis of cular inflammation post-intraocular surgery that can be glaucoma filtration or cataract extraction, sepsis/endocarditis (penetrating globe trauma). A patient is likely to undergo limited vitreous biopsy (needle tap) or maybe intraviteral injections (antibiotic injections) if antifungal agents are detected.
High-risk multiple diabetic retinopathy
Diabetic patients suffering from high-risk proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) may suffer severe visual loss. High-risk PDR can be defined as mild to moderate and severe disc neovascularisation with or without vitreous hemorrhage.
Referral to a retina specialist in Dubai for careful evaluation and administration of anterior and posterior sector neovascularisation is crucial to avoid the development of retinal detachment or proliferative vitreoretinopathy.
Significant or Refractory diabetic macular edema
Clinically Significant Diabetic Macular Edema (CSDME) or suspected diabetic macular edema, if diagnosed, is corrected through focal laser treatment. Persistent diabetic macular edema, even after initial laser photocoagulation, is then taken care of with modified grid laser treatment, intraviteral triamcinolone injections or a combination of both. For cases of CSDME associated with posterior hyaloids traction, a pars-plana vitrectomy with membrane peel may be indicated.
The above cases require an immediate consultation with a retina specialist in Dubai. Even for minor optical discrepancies, seek the advice of a specialist rather than ignoring the symptoms – or else it may lead to a greater anomaly or worse, blindness!

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