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Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Natural Stones

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Natural stones are widely popular for their beauty and character. In order to maintain the beauty and appearance of natural stones, it is imperative to schedule cleaning, specific procedures, and inspections on a daily, weekly, or other regular basis. If left untreated for long, water, oils and other liquids can easily penetrate your natural stones, leaving unwanted stains.

So, how to care for your natural stones? Well, you can use different types of stone care products that are easily available these days in the market. Different kinds of stone sealers including marble sealer, granite sealer and various other sealers can be used to repel spills without changing the color of the stone. A good quality sealer should last for about five years.

Natural stones such as granite and marble are amongst the most popular natural stones that are widely used as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities at home. As these stones have a porous nature, it is essential to stone sealer at least every five years to prevent water, oil, and other liquids from penetrating into the stone and staining it. Sealing your granite or marble countertops or any other natural stone surface (like countertop, floor, shower wall or vanity) is amongst the most important steps to care for your natural stones.

Sealing frequently provide maximum surface protection and resistance against staining, etching and soil build-up. In order to know the right time to seal your natural stone, you can conduct a water test. Pour water over the surface of your natural stone in several locations and let it sit for about 30 minutes. If any dark mark or ring appears, it means the water is penetrating the stone and it’s time to reseal.

Here are certain simple yet highly-efficient ways to seal your natural stones:

1.First and foremost clean the surface thoroughly using a good quality safe-on-stone cleaner.

2.Spray stone sealer on the surface in a 3-foot section.

3.Immediately wipe into stone using a lint-free cloth. Do not allow sealer to dry on the surface as it can cause hazing.

4.Buff dry with a soft, lint-free cloth

5.You can repeat the sealing process 2-3 times for maximum protection

6.Wait for about 24 hours for the sealer to cure before using a stone polish to add shine and luster to your natural stone

With all these steps and care, you’ll be able to maintain the natural beauty of your natural stone.

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