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Categories of Steel fabrication

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Steel metal fabrication is the techniques used, in re-shaping, and joining the two metals together to build and or repair a tangible part.

The 8 Primary Categories of Steel Metal Fabrication Products

1. Forging and Stamping

Forging techniques of Steel fabrication Melbourne involves shaping of the heated steels through hammers strokes. It increases the strength and the shape of the steel fabricated as during the forging process, its internal grain follows the general shape of the part, and it is generally used for parts which requires the added strength, such as tools, machine parts, and vehicle parts.

Stamping is the another fabrication process of placing sheet of steel metal over a die, then exerting numerous force for the sheet metal which eventually takes the shape of the die. It is one of the economically feasible processes for larger runs but for smaller runs of the products CNC forming is more cost effective.

2. Cutlery and Hand Tools

Cutlery fabrication is a multi step, and steel metals which are in blanks rolled up to achieve desired thickness, adding strength to it through continuous annealing process.

After shaping away the excess metal to an outline, a hydraulic pressure is applied and details are printed into the blanks.

3. Architectural and Structural Metals

Steel metal fabrication products include concrete for construction, as well as metal decks, railings of different and varied shapes and sizes, steel platforms, and handrails.

4. Boilers, Tanks, and Shipping Containers

Resistant to corrosion these steel metals or treatments with the impurities generally help these structures to stand drastic atmospheric conditions and these Boilers, tanks, shipping containers are large range of diversified steel fabrication products

5. Hardware

Hardware is the comprehensive steel metal fabrication products and includes consistent parts as well as fittings which are used to provide stability durableness and making them more functional.

Examples of these include fabricated products of steel metal corners made for handles, locks and keys, latches, and chains.

6. Spring and Wire Products

These include different levels of compression and extension techniques and involves making of leaf springs commonly used in automotive suspensions, also this techniques is used in making of wire baskets, racks and shelves, and hooks.

7. Machine Shops; Turned Products; Screws, Nuts, and Bolts

All types of fabricated steel screws, nuts and bolts, including rounded fabricated metal pieces using CNC machining unlimited. From time to time

Durability and strength of the product is also a very important factor. There are various other different categories of Steel fabrication Melbourne available on website.

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