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‘Idiyappam’ – a devouring delight

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Hi! everyone. Before examining what’s this whole article is about, I just wanna thank you for stopping by. ‘Coz this is gonna be a real delicious experience. Have you ever heard of this timely alarm of ‘Idiyappam…….’ in the mornings and evenings from your street vendors? Of course none of us could escape from this entangling on-the-go-breakfast.

Yes. ‘Idiyappam’ is the most common South-Indian breakfast which is highly nutritious and healthy for your appetite. Actually this ‘Idiyappam’ is made with rice flour added with salt. It goes well with coconut and milk. But there is a list of side dishes that pairs well with ‘Idiyappam’: coconut milk, fish curry, kurma, moreover in Kerala it is a famous tiffin menu which is mostly accompanied with chick pea masala kurma. Whoa! This whole combo is a delicious experience.

If you want to taste the real taste, just go for it without giving any second thoughts. Now it’s really a challenging task to verb out one’s feeling towards a food. However, this ‘Idiyappam’, just thinking about it will make your mouth water, sigh!
This nutritious breakfast fondness in Tamilnadu holds back a long history. As per certain historians, ‘Idiyappam’ was originated from Portuguese and Dutch community. The origin of this dish might be open for debate but there’s little doubt that Tamilnadu has made the ‘Idiyappam’ its very own. Because, It’s the same claim you hear from tamilnadu where a sweet version of ‘Idiyappam’ is mentioned in certain important tamil literary works that dates back to the 15 or 16 th century like ‘perumbanar atrupadai, Silapathikaram and few more.

It’s not just idiyappam, idiyappam’s health benefits have seen a flurry of restauraunts across tamilnadu experiment with the dish and take it beyond breakfast. Idiyappam is one of the regular breakfast options in tamilnadu. It is usually served with milk.
However it has become common now to serve with meat and fish gravies. Idiyappam with coconut and milk is one of the most nutritious south Indian breakfast options. Locals will tell you how this was an ideal breakfast. Even selling ‘idiyappam’ embraces its own benchmark.

Tamilnadu provides loan for this business. Though it is highly appreciatable, the process for it finds its own hardship.

Speaking out the nutritious values, ‘Idiyappam’ is a light food in the tiffin category constitutes of 45 calories, 0.27 g fat, 9.68 g of carbohydrates, 0.72 g of proteins. There are multiple varieties you could make out of this scrumptious breakfast.

As a cliché says, we all eat with our eyes. Making a food look appetizing in words is almost as important as how it tastes. While there are almost an infinite amount of words you can choose, there are only just a few descriptive words for food that can get your menu started. I took no time to write on this dish because of this vastly read Tamil news magazine. With the power of words, they first conveyed the idea which was coupled with limited space which made out a real chore for them to describe something correctly while making it enticing. This tamil online site called Vikatan serves up a sensuous feast. This site has its own chic. Vikatan’s menu in terms of ‘food article’ is cuisine + ingredient +occasion + speciality + history. There is a thriving community of foodies trading tips from the Vikatan’s cuisine.

Are you hungry forever? Then this is the best site for you to follow. Their diction and style in food articles gives you hope and teach you to never give up on food. This Vikatan.com site is always there for us giving us new reasons to fall in love with food, over again and again and again. And back again this ‘Idiyappam’ is a simple recipe but it can make you go nuts. So, if you are ready for a devouring delightful experience, then stir in some action.

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