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Cycling for fun filled fitness – 4 ways to keep it

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Fresh mornings or bustling evenings – who doesn’t like the breeze gushing against their face? For the urbane among us, this may sound like a luxury or even a far- fetched dream but it is not.
Exercising is vital for a healthy body and mind. While each one of us has unique requirements, keeping up the exercise is what takes the paramount importance. Given a busy daily schedule, exercising might take a back seat but it is definitely not worth it. Making a resolution to stay fit and exercising is easy but to keep up with it becomes difficult. Discipline does not come easy and that is why including some fun in it may help. Cycling is one such activity that involves both fun and workout. Like aerobics, it helps you pump up your energy levels. Sweating it out helps in flushing out the toxins which helps keeping good health. Also, cycling involves the whole body and therefore, is a wholesome exercise in itself. At any age that you may be – it is good for you. It even helps a pregnant woman keep good health and protect the fetus. Read on to find out all the interesting things you can do to keep cycling with interest.
1. Active wear: Pampering yourself is never a bad deal. Go cycling in bright active wear so that you feel happy about exercising. They are a great source of motivation as you look forward to dress up every day. Avoid the pajamas and sports- wear in boring colors. Add a pop to your fitness regime and see yourself fall prey to your own trap! Women may even pick bright head bands. They are helpful in keeping hair away from face so that you exercise without distractions.
2. Phone holder: We are all slaves to our own mobile phones. There has to be a selfie and then those endless emojis running in and out of our phones. Why feel secluded while bicycling? While being distracted with phone is not advisable during cycling but a break or two to slow down or sip in some water is not going to make you the undisciplined one, either. Carrying your phone along has many advantages as well. You can connect up just in case you need some help. The advantages will any day out- weigh the possible disadvantages but carrying it carefully may be a challenge. To take care of that, you should pick a phone holder for safe biking to ensure the safety of your phone. Putting your phone in the holder will also help you listen to the music quite conveniently. It also helps you in exploring new paths on your bicycle with maps – too much fun in store!
3. Funky utilities: So if you are heading out on your bicycle, you will need few things with you like water, a towel and maybe some energy bar as well. Chances are great that you won’t love it much without a funky workout sipper and a cool yet light weight back pack. A back pack will help you keep your stuff well organized and save time. A cool and funky sipper will prompt you to sip in some water every now and then to keep you hydrated. Staying well hydrated is very important to avoid fatigue. Lack of water in body may leave you feeling fatigued after cycling. Appropriate fluid intake is a must but having too much of it just before cycling should be avoided to get best results.
4. Join your friends: We are all social and doing things alone may not be as happening as that with friends. You can catch up with your friends while exercising and take it all new levels of fun. Cycling with friends will also help you keep check on your schedule. When doing it alone, you might want to be lazy on some days but when it comes to friends, we all want to jump out for it. A group of equally sincere friends will also encourage each one of you to compete against each other and be at your best levels of fitness.
There is so much you can do when fit and healthy. Get started today and feel the difference!

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