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Not sure if anyone noticed the article written in the Bryan County news about a month ago about Coastal Georgia coaching salaries. In the article it was written that Coach Guy, the head coach at RHHS was one of the lowest paid coaches in the coastal region. This is a travesty given what he has been able to do with this program in only three seasons. Turning the team into a winning program from a proverbial doormat. Coach Guy drives over an hour one way from Tatnall County each day to teach and coach at RHHS. Head coaching positions closer to his home have come open that pay significantly more and I hope our Board does the right thing to keep Coach Guy here at RHHS. This program had seen decades of neglect before he got her and I hope people respect what Coach Guy has accomplished enough to do the right thing.

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JT commented on Saturday, Feb 02, 2013 at 08:06 AM

In my humble opinion the board will never meet or exceed the salary of the other coaches: They're too busy padding thier own pockets and making it out as look at what we did with less. i.e. Why would you build a new middle school without adequate sports facilities when they consistantly have winning football team? He has done more then just kick start a program he has brought back a positive mentorship to the young men on and off the field. He has gooten the community supporting the sprograms not program. Churches feeding the team, men wanting to stay in RHHS vice leaviing for private schools. The weight room in no longer the safty hazard it once was. The men are healthier spiritually and physically. It's the over looked qualities that he has brought into the school. 2A schools have more coaches and higher paid head coaches.

TY Jamie Parker for writing that article and yes: For the good of the men do what's right: "PAY COACH HIS WORTH" KEEP COACH

NittyGritty commented on Saturday, Feb 02, 2013 at 16:54 PM

The bottom line is most people move here because of RHHS's academic reputation not the athletic reputation.

frmrfan commented on Wednesday, Oct 09, 2013 at 22:22 PM

I am following up on the original post. At this point nothing has been done to improve Coach Guys salary. It is sad when a first year teache/basketball coach at Long Co makes more than our head football coach with 15 years experience and two state championships. As has been proven numerous times you can have great academics and athletics; i.e Washing Co state football champs and state literary champs same year. Camden Co was able to do the same just a couple of years ago. I know our board is screwed up and just dont get it. It is a shame.

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